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AutoWeek Magazine (dated Jan 7, 2002) is asking people to vote for the North American Car of the Year. The nominees for cars are:

Ford Thunderbird
Cadillac CTS
Nissan Altima

They ask that you fax your choice to 1-313-446-1027 or e-mail your choice to:

They ask that you also include your name, address and phone number.

The poll ends Jan. 11

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I voted... but if you ask me there is no competition. 10 years from now when we look at the classics of this decade, I don't think the CTS or the Altima will have any lasting impact on our memories.

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I don't know if the link I posted is the same as TbirdTim is talking about, that link is a previous fast poll(weekly feature). I have not yet received my Jan 7 issue. It may be a good idea to submit your vote via email or fax.
I just did my part and voted. Don't you feel sorry for the other guys on that poll? NA!!!

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Just finished voting. Can anyone say landslide?

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Just went out and checked the site again. We have been heard from! It looks like they leave a limited number of replies on the board, mine from yesterday is gone already.
I had the pleasure of meeting Denise McCluggage from Autoweek this summer. She was a guest speaker at the national Taurus SHO convention in Tulsa. I picked her up at and took her back to the airport. We discussed the new T-Bird during one of the trips, since I told her I was interested in buying one.

She said she had just driven one the week before and was very impressed. She told me to not listen to the stories that said it didn't have an sportiness or handling ability as she thought it was a great car and she really thought it hit the mark. This is coming from someone that test hundreds of cars annually (had been testing a Bullit mustang the same week) and has been a noted race car driver in her lifetime. I think she knew exactly what she was talking about!

If you ever get a chance to hear her speak you will really enjoy her stories of racing agaist the greats of the late 50s and early sixties in open wheel and Nascar cars.


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It looks like that the 2002 Altima and 2002 Trailblazer took home the honor today at the Detroit Auto Show as the North American Car & Truck of the Year.
Just voted via e-mail.
All member, please vote too!

BTW - What do they know at the NAIAS anyway?
Altima, that's real groundbreaking, and inspiring!

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