Are Trunk Mats Carpeted or (just) Vynil???

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Dealer unable to answer (convincingly).

Please advise.
Both are available, I believe if you do some searches on this site, you should be able to see pictures of both and find the part number.
Does anyone own the trunk matt - that they can answer difinitively?

Dealer can't determine/find out. (What a jerk.)
There are two type, the full vynil and carpeted. I belive the trunk mat, like the floor mat, carpeted is part
no. 2W6Z-7613046-AAA

and the trunk liner (vynil) is part no.


Have the parts man run the number in the computer and he should be able to verify.
I do have the black vinyl trunk mat with the T-Bird logo. Yes it is vinyl and as said previously there is also a carpeted version avaliable.

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An excellent carpeted mat (with your initials) is available. See ad at bottom of page. I bought floor mats, a rear shelf mat and a trunk mat for "Kandi" and was very satisfied. Not cheap, but she deserves the best!

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