Are Gov't bumper standards still in effect

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Was just wondering since cars anymore don't
really have bumpers. In the beginning weren't
they suppose to be able to withstand a 5mph
bump, with no damage.

On the bird, seems even if someone
just lightly hits the area you have some
damage. Plastic grill is exposed with no

If you have a run-in with a bush at the mall
lot, paints going to get scratched. Many of
our strip centers have landscapings that when
a car is fully parked, material will brush
against the car. If you don't pull all the
way up, take a chance of coming out and
finding you butt gone.

I know my vette would not survive a half mph
hit without some visible damage.

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whvt01 the 5 mph bumper crash law is still in effect. It does not call for zero damage, but less than X amount of dollars damage. I'm not sure what that dollar figure is though.

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Actually I heard that the reason the front marker lamps are not being offered in Canada is because of a 5mph crash test rule.

The outcome of a test conducted for Transport Canada produced one of the two lamps breaking.

Ford decided to deliver the car with no lamps in Canada. This way they conformed to the 5mph crash test.

I got the lamps installed as the plastic fillers made the car look cheezy "front view".
This was posted on another tread although they didn't know what it was for. The black foam behind your grill is for the 5 mph standard. Doesn't cover paint damage or really anything else. Just a gover. standard.

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