Anybody up for a MN or Upper midwest rally?

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Anybody know of a Tbird rally in the general MN/WI/ND area?

I would be willing to organize something along the winding lakes roads, if enough people were interested. Have always thought these treasure/discovery games would be fun. The kind where you have to put your drivers lic. In a sealed envolope. (ie. get caught speeding have to open it).

Wait, if I organized it I could not participate. Someone else want to?

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Treasure hunts are fun, but you have to watch out for the joker who tries to pick up all the restaurant menus, realty flyers, etc.
The crowd I grew up with in Detroit used to like doing what are known as gimmick road rallies. It's similar to a regular rally where times and milages are recorded between checkpoints. Clues are given instead of turn directions, however. "Left past the hot rocks" might mean "turn left at the Firestone dealer." I used to lay the routes and do the clues and got so good at it I hardly got to enter the contests. I don't know how well it would work with a bunch of T-birds. You can't set the odometer back by driving in reverse to eliminate wrong turns.
The new twist on things, is to require a Polaroid or digital camera and require pics with your car beside certain things (landmarks/people).

Think it would be a blast.
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