Anybody else have this problem? Is it even a problem?

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My T-Bird has about 400 miles on it now and I noticed something today. I started the car this morning to move it so I could clean out my garage and I noticed what I considered to be a pretty good puff of blue smoke coming from the exhaust right after I started it. I had it parked outside for about 6 hours or so and the time came to put it back in the garage---same puff of blue smoke. WHAT GIVES?? Is this normal??? I sure hope not. Has anyone else noticed this about their T-Bird? I sure hope I didn't end up with a car with a case of firstyearitis. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

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My car does that ocassionally when setting a few days, but not just hours. My wife noticed it when standing behind the car as I started it. I could not see from inside the car. It has been setting for almost two months now. We will see when we re-start for the drive home from storage in about two weeks.

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WP Mine does it too. The 5-20 wt motoroil is the most likely cause. At lower temps it gets closer to 5wt and even 6 hours can cool the engine to get a lower range on the multi wt oil.

Many of us old guys/gals remember when it was 30 wt winter, 40 wt summer. or 10-40wt year round. The technology has changed and I am still a bit worried about 5-20wt oil.

3.9 V8, an employee at the motor plant, posted last year any deviation from 5-20wt could and would void the warranty. Some motor rebuilders I know think we might all need rebuilds shortly after the warranty period ends because of the light wt oils.

Time will tell, enjoy the car.

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On an older vehicle this would indicate that the valve guide seals need replacing. Oil leaks around the seals into the combustion chamber and when started you get that telltale puff of blue oil smoke.

I have not noticed this on my car but I don't often see it from behind when it is started. I'll keep an eye out.
Remember, everyone--I want you all to take note of your exhaust when you start your T-Bird and report whether or not you see blue smoke.
I don't think I could get my wife to stand behind a running car with me at the wheel...
I start mine once every other week now and I have not noticed any blue smoke. I also increase the RPMs every time I start and the result is just more exhaust, but nothing blue.
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