Any word on a supercharger?

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Almost hate posting this after the "what is your vanity plate" question.
It wasn't me Mr Officer... :p

BUT, has anyone heard about someone working on a kit yet? I'm not sure I would put one on, but the itch to do it would be great.

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I should think you would want to be real carefull adding any type of forced induction/nitrous. The Bird has a 10.5:1 compression ratio and most blown engines run 8 - 8.5 to 1.

I was going to add both to my '83 5.0 Mustang, it would have been a screamer but when I had the the engine rebuilt I knew I was going to do this, so I kept the compression low.
There are rumors that both the Thunderbird and S-Type Jaguar will see a factory supercharged option within a year or so. What would you guess, 360 HP or better? That would be the way to go if you want a "BOOST", otherwise stick a bottle on it and fly away laughing.
If you go with nitrous be sure to find someone that is knowlegable about it, it is easy to burn valves if not properly setup.

Also a staged system would be the best bet. Be sure to check the torque rating of the drive line on the Bird, the systems usually spec the HP increase but seldom talk about the torgue. The second bottle took out the clutch in the '83.

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