Any Weirdness from your T-Birds?

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I was just wondering if any of you have experienced any odd things about your Birds? I ask because I had mine get stuck in 3rd gear. I was able to fix it by shifting back into park and then to drive. Also, I was on a trip the first week I had it and I got off of at a reststop and the car stalled. This all happened within the first week but there has been nothing else weird since.

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My car seems to shift a little hard. I hope it will work its way out. I seem to beleive that somebody once said it needs to learn driving patterns?
The owner's manual says not to worry about the hard shifting---mine does it too---the computer is learning the way you drive and adjusting the shift patterns accordingly.

By the way, a hard shift isn't a bad thing--the tranny will last longer--sloppy shifts are something to worry about.
The only real bizarre thing I experienced was the other day when the car felt like it wanted to stall at a stop sign---it hasn't happened again since.
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