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Any thoughts about a good steering wheel anti-theft device? After taking an early delivery of my new bird yesterday, I grabbed my old "Club" out of my 1990 Acura Integra and went cruising. At a couple of stops, I used the club on the bird's steering wheel but it did not seem to fit very well. The old "Club" is just the standard kind that you can buy anywhere. So I'd appreciate any feedback from the forum gang.


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I tried the "pedal jack". It jammed up in my garage and I had to pay a locksmith $85 to cut it off. I'm lucky I wasn't someplace far away.
Since the ignition switch is computer controlled and will only operate when a valid key is inserted in the lock, I question the need for other restraints. It's my understanding that these cars cannot be hotwired. If you're concerned about someone disabling the perimeter alarm and towing it away, you might look into a Lojack anti-theft system.
My vote: LoJack. This Bird is otherwise loaded with anti-theft stuff. It it's going to get stolen, it will be loaded on a trailer and hauled away. LoJack can find it within an hour, or less.
Anybody have LoJack installed?
I am wondering about the cost, and how much is involved with the installation. Thanks.
duke583: I learned about LoJack from the police. Police like LoJack. I had it installed. Not every police department has the equipment to locate the stolen vehicle. Cost is $500+. Your dealer makes the arrangements with LoJack. You pay the dealer. LoJack comes out to your house/driveway and installs the unit in about 1/2 hour -- you can't watch the installation. Check it out at

I had a Lojack installed in my 2000 Mustang Convertible. The job was 825 including the Lojack alarm.

After a few months the alarm part stopped working right. I called Lojack to inquire where to take the car and they asked me where the car would and they'd come to me. They replaced the control head of the system and did a very nice job.

Very satified with the service and hope I never have to use it!

There is new technology that is quickly becoming available that deals with GPS and Telematics. The devices will be lower priced than LoJack and will work in any area of the country. Location access will be offered via the web or via voice with a standard cellular connection. You could literally call the police and tell them the location of your stolen car. There are additional benefits that might be useful, such as path traveled, speed alerts, time spent in each location, etc.
Had LoJack installed as part of the package on Premium Bl/Bl...$645.
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