Another use for the T-Bird -- Therapy!

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I know that all of us who are lucky enough to have gotten our cars can attest to how happy they've made us feel. But I just found out how happy my car could make someone ELSE feel.

My father has Alzheimer's Disease, and he lives at home with my mother, who cares for him. Unfortunately, because of his illness, my poor saint of a mother has very little life of her own. Because she is house-bound with him, she loves it when any of her three children can visit and provide her with company. Luckily, all of us siblings live within a couple hours' drive, and we see them as often as we possibly can.

A couple of weekends ago, I went to visit my parents and hoped to give my mother a ride in the T-Bird for the first time. Luckily, someone was able to stay with my father for a couple of hours, and I took my 68-year-old mom out on the road in Lake County, CA. As we rounded our very first bend, the driver of an approaching car gave us the thumbs-up and leaned out his window and yelled praise for the car -- kind of par for the course for me by now, but an incredible experience for my mother! She got the hugest grin on her face and said, "Was he looking at your car?" and I explained the reaction I typically get. From that point on, she didn't stop checking out every single person who drove or walked by, just to see if they were looking. She pointed them out; she exclaimed; she smiled and waved back at them; and she actually kicked up her legs and yelled, over and over, "I absolutely LOVE this!" I have not seen my mother that delighted, and that free, in years.

I actually went in another room and cried when we got back to the house.

After I left that weekend, my mother e-mailed me that she missed seeing "Tweety" in her garage. I have vowed to take that car to see her as often as I possibly can.

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What a heartwarming story!! Your visit obviously brought a lot of joy to your mom. You'll both remember it forever, I'm sure.

I've always thought of my T-bird as therapy. Nothing can beat it. I'd rather be paying for a car than a psychiatrist! LOL In my case, I just told everyone it represents my mid-life crisis.


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Great story, Paula! I've already told my 90-year old mother in Detroit that we'll take a drive down Woodward Ave. when I visit this summer. She sounded excited, but probably more because of the visit.

I got a little misty eyed myself. Both of my parents are deceased, so I envy you. My Dad would have been the one to get excited. He owned 5 Birds in his lifetime and is the reason for my interest in the car.

Do see both of your parents every chance you get. You'll never regret it! God bless both of them!

Sorry to get religious everyone. I hope no one was offended.

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Great Story Paula! I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for all you've contributed to this site through your postings - your trip down Rt. 66, etc. BTW, I visited the "Three Hour Tour" site. Way cool. Keep it up girl.
Paula I am so glad to hear about your time spent with your Grandmother & how she enjoyed the ride. I remember you talking about your Grandmother when you stopped over in Amarillo. You know it seems like it was a year ago that you were here but it has only been about 3 months. Oh and by the way, They painted all the cars at the Cadillac Ranch all white about a month after you saw them.

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Lon, I think it was her mother not her grandmother. Anyway, it was good no matter what. I hope to do the same thing or similar for my dad when we go to Fla. in a month or so if we can get him out of the hospital for the day, been there for about 2 years now. Think it would lift his sprites a bit. He is 83yrs.old and not doing too well.

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I hope you can pull it off. You'll never forget it!

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Thank you, all of you, for your wonderful words. You're right, New Blackbird -- there are lots of truly fine people on this forum.

And Lon, it was my mother I was talking about in this post, but come to think of it, my grandmother DID get a ride in the car when I passed through L.A., and she loved it, and she is BLIND!

P.S. On a lighter note, Lon, I am absolutely stunned that they painted all the Cadillacs white! I am so happy that I got to see them when they were psychedelic!

There perhaps is another use for the car -- reconciliation. My brother and I had a falling out about a year and a half ago and I literally haven't spoken with him, nor have I made an attempt to visit him. Last week, my wife and I were out for a ride in the bird and we were going to go cruise one of the cities (Baltimore, DC or Annapolis) in the area. I said to my wife, why don't we go to my brother's and show him and his family the car? Which we did. We didn't know what to expect just dropping in on them. When we got there, everyone was excited to see us. My brother and I shook each other's hand, apologized to each other and started the healing process by going for a ride in the car -- he drove. It's a small step, but a GIANT leap for us.

His wife said to me, "all it took was this car"....

Thanks for letting me share and thanks to Paula, for beginning this thread.

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