Another Metro Atlanta Thunderbird Gathering- This Weekend!

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For those in the Atlanta area, this is the weekend that we have planned to get together for the last time prior to our road rally. We have a lot of new members to the group that will be coming to join us with their new Thunderbird's. We finally have every factory color made for the new Thunderbird as a part of our group! Including the yellow, which seems to be scarce here.

Another part of our gathering will be for those that want to swap hardtops to see what a different color would look like on your car, including color combinations not available from the factory.

The plan for this gathering is as follows:

DATE: Sunday, March 17 (rain date April 7)
TIME: 12:00 noon
PLACE: Johnny Rockets Restaurant, located on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs

The weather looks like it will be cloudy to partly cloudy on Sunday, with scattered showers. As long as there is not a steady rain falling, we will be meeting as planned.

This will provide us a great opportunity to meet the new people, see the new Thunderbird additions and new colors and to discuss the upcoming road rally. See you Sunday!

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I am a bit far to attend (San Jose, CA) but I sure admire how you folks down there are so organized.
My dealer delivered 12 Birds before mine. Today was the first time I have seen another one on the road. Turns out it was from out of town.
Sounds like fun, hope the weather is good to all of you.

I think that the reason that we have been so organized is that we have such a terrific group of people here in the Atlanta area, all excited and willing to come to our gatherings and willing to do whatever they can to get the word out to current and future owners of the new Thunderbird.

We have contacted the Ford dealerships in our area, mailed flyers about our group, placed a notice in the Atlanta newspaper about our group, told our friends with Thunderbird's about our group, notified all of the car clubs in our area and lots more...all just to get the word out to as many people as possible that there is a group of individuals that want to share their love for their Thunderbird's and to make them feel welcome to a wonderful group of friends. We're having a blast. We have some great Thunderbird events coming here in Georgia!

Courage - and shuffle the cards
I'll be there, Birdless and VIN-less.

Thanks for all you do, TBirdTim.

blue/blue/full blue/premium on order: 10 of 18
Tim - Great job - again.

All colors represented this time (Jack where was the NM?). I can't wait to see the pics of the top/swap. Some combinations you will never see again! I kept expecting Ronald McDonald to get out of the Red with Yellow top. Black with a Blue top looked luxurious.
(I think David wants one of each color.)

Johnny Rockets is a great place to show off the rides and to eat. Thank them again for all of us. Ya done good!
Another great event by the Atlanta '02 Bird
boys and girls. great job by TBirdTim.

Wait till you all see some of the unusual/weird color combinations resulting from the top swap.


I thinks there are a possible 40 two-color combinations possible....20 combinations and then the 20 opposite top/body....if you know what I mean. This doesn't count the silver, from the NM top. We had no NM cars today.

Well we saw about 15 different combo's, including some of the ones you'll never see again.
It was great fun....I only wish I had my car...or even a VIN.

blue/blue/full blue/premium on order: 10 of 18

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