another event - All Ford Nationals at Carlisle

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If you like Fords it is worth the trip to visit the All Ford Nationals at Carlisle. The most interest is in Fords from the '50's and newer. There are very few parts for Model "A's" etc. We will attend but not with the 02 Bird. We will bring our stock 1955 Regency Purple and Snow Shoe White Sunliner Convertible. Look for us at the Crown Victoria Assoc. Tent.

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Dot, I think that the MATC club will be there so I will be going also. It's only about 25 miles from my place. They said last year there were a lot of Birds there of all years.

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This is a great event for Fords in general, and Thunderbirds in particular. Cars registered for the Show Field are grouped by make & model, so all TBirds are together. They are then grouped by years, so all 2002 Birds will be together. GOBIRD is correct-MATC will be present. We will have a large tent at the head of the TBird row. Please be certain to stop in even if you attend and do not bring a Bird, or do not register for the show field.

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MATC will have members and cars present all three days, but usually Saturday tends to be the most well attendfed from my experience. And, of course, a lot depends on the weather.

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I was there last year when Doug Gaffne (sp), designer team T-bird came and signed my book and metal sign. Unfortunately, I'll have to miss this year as I'll still be in Mykonos, Greece. But it's a blast!!! enjoy!!! Deborah
Deb, have a wonderful time in Greece. And thanks for the info on the wheels. A buyer at our dealership will be sending his tires for the white walls, thanks again. Joy
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