Annual Gathering of T-Bird Forum Members

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Aug 27, 2002
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Put away the mothballs. Any interest in an annual gathering of T-Bird Forum members??? The ride would be fun! Drive an American icon. Perhaps, linking up with another major event. Caravans of T-Birds stretched across the USA.... The open road is calling!

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Check out the calendar on this forum, just click at the top of the page and look at October 18,19, 20, 21. There is over 100 people already signed up to go with at least 50 Thunderbirds going. It's in Destin Fla. and they have invited all Thunderbird owners to come but it's a 99% new 2002 owner event and they are having some wonderful speakers involved with our cars coming also. I beleive you can click on the calendar to receive more information. I am still trying to work my schedule to attend but it not looking too good right now.
Destin is definitely going to be the best gathering this year for New Thunderbird owners. Next year we will organize a gathering. Hopefully we will have at least 2000 forum members by then. The guy organizing it seems pretty nice too.

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