Am I fooling myself?

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I really would like to surprise my husband with a 2001 or 2002 Thunderbird in black, red or white. Am I fooling myself to think I can find one in that time frame? Anyone have any advice for me? I live in Austin, Texas.


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There are a number of vehicles available on ebay but at a premium. If you are willing to pay extra, you can probably get a car, in the color you want within a week.

Note thunderbirds production are 2002, no 2001's were produced. 2003's are slated for production in mid august and the normal waiting period between ordering and getting the vehicle seems to be about 8 months, if you want to pay the sticker price.
Amy there are cars out there. here is info from another post , on this board
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Ron Clark Ford has a Yelloe/Yellow Premium due in on 3-9-02. The car has not been pre-sold. Randy Clark says it will be over MSRP, but not crazy like 10-15K over. Contact Randy Clark at ronclarkford@******* Amount over MSRP is negotiable. Tell Randy that you heard about the car from Lon O'Connell and he will try to take care of you. He says he also has a black bird due in a few months that is not sold.
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As of six weeks ago when my car was delivered, Maxwell Ford in Austin still had some of their 2002 allotment available for orders, your choice of colors and options.

Call: Laurie Stockman
Tell her Jimmy referred you.
Amy Sage,

The yellow/yellow premium full accent Ron Clark had coming in on 03-09-02 was sold one hour after the truck set it on the ground. Sorry.

Yellow/Yellow Prem. 02 Bird w/full accent
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Amy, go to this site and start entering zip codes in Texas.
just fallow ths searches until you find a bird of your choice. E-mail them anbd wait. i did this Calif on presidents day and was driving home that next Wednesday. Be sure to wait for all the replys, casue the prices will all vary. good luck.

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Thank you all so much! I'm thrilled to hear that it sounds like it might actually be possible.

*goes to call some of these numbers and do some more checking*
Amy, I have an additional car that I was able to buy from one of my early bird customers. It is a black premium 2-top
car with black partial interior.
Driving lights and all else. The car is licensed and titled with all taxes paid
has 34 total miles on it, all Ford warranties
and paperwork are in tack. Flawless car and
is available now. I have a red red premium
that I drive and you will surly like these
cars if you get one. This car is here in
Scottsdale, Arizona and available for a total
of 45,500 FOB Scottsdale. It would be easy to
fly into Phoenix and drive it to Texas.
Contact me at rbondietbirds@******* if this
would work for you.It has a private party title. and no further taxes are due which makes this car approximately MSRP.

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