Aluminum cleaner/polish for wheels and trim

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I have made a large purchase from Zaino for my paint and tire protection but they dont sell a chrome cleaner/polish. What is the best product for cleaning and polishing our chrome wheels and can the same product be safely used on the chrome trim around the windshield and on the chrome hood scoop bezel. Windex claims to be sfae for all, but I am concerned about long term degradation like pitting or flaking from the chemicals in the windex. Any suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks in advance.

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Be careful. Many wheels are clear coated and should be cleaned and polished like any other painted surface.

Harsh wheel cleaners can break the clearcoat, then you really will be polishing wheels - forever!

Perhaps someone that actually has their New Thunderbird, can check the owners manual for Ford's recommendation. (But maybe they are all out driving while I'm waiting)
I don't have my car yet, but I would imagine that you need to be carefull not to scratch all those large chrome surfaces on the premium wheels.

I'm getting a deluxe model, which has the painted silver wheels. My question for anyone who has the stardard wheels - Are they as big a headache to clean as they look with all the small areas between the "spokes"????? Any what kind of a brush are you using to clean the crevices?
I just wax (use wax - not polish, it has some abrasives no matter how fine they may be) the wheels like the rest of the car. It protects them and brake dust, etc. washes off easily using this method.


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I have a deluxe model with the standard wheels, and for years now I have been using P21S wheel cleaner. The manufacturer of the product claims it is safe to use on all wheel types, and it is incredibly easy to use even on small wheel openings. Just spray it on and with the provided sponge wipe away any accumulated brake dust, then spray it off. The P21S leaves a slickness on the wheel that repels dirt for quite some time, but I also apply Zaino #5 after drying the wheels. I highly recommend this stuff!!


BTW...the deluxe wheels do take a little longer to clean each individual spoke, but nothing too cumbersome.

Chrome is Chrome! Not to be simplistic, but there isn't an easier plated product to take care of. Almost any good wax or polish will protect chrome. My personal choice is Turtle Wax Chrome polish. Inexpensive, and works well. The issue with chrome is simply don't let it go unprotected. I mentioned before I collect/trade/buy/sell old Japanese motorcycles. I have approx 20 of them. Some have to sit covered outside. Know what? Good coat of polish on the chrome and there is no difference from the ones inside. Everyone has their favorite, but believe me, spend your time concerned with other issues than the chrome on your T Bird.
Everyone: try “Bike Spirits” available on Amazon. Spray cleaner polish & carnuba. Great for paint, chrome, rubber, plastic, aluminum. Try it. You will be amazed!
Everyone: try “Bike Spirits” available on Amazon. Spray cleaner polish & carnuba. Great for paint, chrome, rubber, plastic, aluminum. Try it. You will be amazed. I use it throughout my 2002 Tbird!
I used to use Blackfire cleaner and glaze exclusively but it gets to be a bit pricey. I have been using Chemical Guys Diablo Wheel Cleaner ($12)and it is safe for all wheel types. Then some Wheel Wax ($18) and they clean up way easier after the wheel wax. I take the wheels off and do an extensive clean on all my vehicles at least once a year and the Wheel Wax or Blackfire Glaze on the backside of the wheel will help keep the brake dust from sticking and it washes off much easier.

I use Maguire's Natural Shine for the tire as I like the rubber to be darker with a sheen and not overly shiny.
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