All Black Bird

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On 4/17 my wife took her Mothers car for service at a ford Dealer. She saw a black bird on the show room floor but did not look at it. When she told me, we returned to see if I would fit in the car. (I am 6'3") The one on the floor only had the soft top and it was down. The sales man offered to show us another with the hard top. it was the Premier edition. I fit, and it was the color that we liked and it was priced at msrp. Although we were not looking for a Bird, we bought it. Drove it home on 4/22. The dealer also had a Yellow bird and 5 more due in. They were allotted a total of 11. The Dealer is Elmwood Ford in Elmwood Park NJ. Ask for Virgil Douglas. I guess I will not let my wife take her Mothers car for service again.

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So what's the color of the car you bought? When I went to the Ford dealer to pick up my ride (White/White/) The top was on and when I climbed in, I pulled a cramp in my belly and had to act like everything was great when it really felt like they were removing my stomach with a post hole digger. I couldn't wait to get out and straighten up.

I realized that I had a lot of belly to lose before I could get on with any kind of mid-life crisis.

I'm starting to think you may have an all black bird....Based on the name of the Topic.
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