Alarm Systems?

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The systems Lojack offer are very good.
I do not work or benefit from Lojack company when I say that here in Denver many club members are getting the Lojack recovery system. Many new car dealers are installing Lojack in the New Birds and also the Roush and Saleen Mustangs after a couple Saleens were stolen out of the dealers lot!
Lojack is maybe three or four months away from a motion device that will call you via any communication device, phone/pager/pda/computer,etc.
They also advertise a convertible perimeter system that will alarm when an intrusion into the open two seater is made.
With todays bad guys stealing your car at gun point, Lojack is a great option in confrontation avoidance(or maybe you got a faster draw and guts to shoot em).
It is the only recovery system used by the police.
It is all over the world and even the Russian Mafia uses it to track their stolen cars.

The motion detection paging will make all of us sleep better no matter where you park your Bird.
Here is the Lojack link

Good luck.

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Thanks for the Lojack Idea. I am in an area that does not have the Lojack coverage. The dealer is sugesting a $800 optional alarm. I just wanted to find out if there was any dealer installed alarms runing out there.

MikeC That price of $800 is more than the price of a Lojack, seems high because the type of alarms that are used today do not take a lot of time to install they are solid state. You should check other businesses in your area for a better price, it also sounds like dealer markup. But what ever you do ALARM IT!!!
Excuse me, I forgot that NM is not a coverage State for Lojack.

One thing that works well for the drive-away thief is a toggle switch or two, which interrupt the hot side of the fuel pump.

This will foil any attempt to dirve out in any speed under minutes and most of all you will likely still have the car.

All you need is wire/connectors for the wire ,and I like brass toggle switches.

Mount the switch(s) in areas that only you know about and use them every time you exit the car.

If you are having an alarm put in this would be the time for these to also be installed.

IMO, I will not settle for any alarm system that does NOT have paging. It is kind of like my home security, any time it goes into alarm I am notified within 2 minutes.
Unless the thief has the original electronic key, the engine computer will not start the engine, no need for the hidden switch. The bird would have to be rolled away or put on a truck or trailer to be stolen.
Thanks for the input. I appreiciate the help.Now I have more info to make the choice. I hate to just leave it in the garage. It is soooo fun to drive.
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