Air bag light stays on

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I was scheduled to pick up my car today at 11am, but the dealer called me to tell me the car would not be ready because they can't get the airbag light to go off.

I noticed it yesterday when I went in to do the paperwork, and thus far they can't figure out how to make it go out.

Has anyone else had a similar problem?

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Hi Joe,

I already posted this in the VIN/DELIV... topic, but here's a quick summary:


Shipped to Staten Island, NY

7 of 30 (9th delivered)

Deluxe (with traction control added, making it a Premium with painted 21 point wheels)

Blue, Blue Top, and Blue Full Accent Interior

Chrome Hood Bezel

Chrome 21 Point NM Wheels installed today

I also upgraded the floor mats to the one's with the logo.

ETA... any second (as soon as they fix this dang airbag thingie)

TBIRD II - My License Plate
Waiting for #9476...
I had the problem recently with my wife's Passat and it was a minor electrical problem, nothing to do with the air bag. My wife was concerned she was going to be driving down the street and the bag would deploy!!!

I have also heard stories where the bag needed to be re-packed/replaced.
jodrod: You have all my info recorded. I don't remember the VIN right now (57??). Good Job!!! We will be in St. Pete and environs the end of February. If you see Wisper White (no hard top -- we will leave it home)with Michigan license plate framed with dealer Molloy Ford, New Hampshire, holler at me -- tell me about good restaurants, etc. Jim
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