Aftermarket running lights?

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It is not pre-wired, you need to order a wiring harness.

The issue is that if the lamps were not installed at the factory, the only harness installed is a single harness to power the front (Right and Left) yellow marker lamps.

The new harness plugs into the front (Left and Right) yellow marker lamp connector and power harness but also has a spare pair of lamp connectors for the front bumper lamps.

Unfortunately on mine the dealer left the initial harness in place. I used tie raps to prevent it from hagning below the bumper assembly.

I will attempt to remove it without having to cut anything when the weather gets nicer or at my first service date.
This is the part # for the replacement wiring harness 1W6Z-15A434-AA Put my lights in last weekend. Hope this helps.

Was Triple Black #2 of 2 Vin Less
Now Triple Black #3 of 5 1FAHP60A12Y107854
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