After paper is removed (ext) what is left

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I understand the car is shipped with
some kind of paper wrapping. After you take
it off is some residue left (sticky). The
car is not going to be detailed at the shop
and I don't want to mess with it right away
if don't have too.

If a residue is left it might be better to
let the teenage idiots wash it at the shop.

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There is no adhesive associated with the wrap. It is a shrink wrap plastic. Is sort of simular to the static cling plastic labels that are placed on your windshield for oil change reminders. This plastic is stretched over the car and shrinks tight when heated. They then cut the plastic around the door opening so they can get in and out. Sticks very tightly but without adhesives.

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whvt01 I guess you passed over the teenage years? What a thing to say. An idiot can also be an adult mentally equal or inferior to a child two years old. Hmmm I wonder.
jt2233- you are off in Washington somewhere
you have no idea who is in the local detail
section. So don't go defending what you
know nothing about. I know the detail
person you don't
Mine wasn't shrink wrapped, it had sheets of white plastic all over it that definitely had a light adhesive to it. I think it's a 3M product called Wrapguard or something like that. It's designed to not leave any residue.


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whvt01 Your right I don't know the local people, but in your first post you us the plural meaning more than one. Leading me to believe you are categorizing all teens as idiots. Yet as I read your response to my writing I see you point out there is only one person doing the detailing. So it should have read idiot, and I am sure you are correct about this person. I just think it's wrong to lump a group together for likes of one. No hard feelings. I hope you enjoy your T-Bird and the detailing works out better than expected.
Originally posted by whvt01:

Ford shipped cars with the white plastic stuff over them in strategic places when I saw them 5 years ago. It comes right off and once removed, it makes the other areas not covered look reall dirty. There is nothing left behind other than shiny paint.
jt2233 - I got to explain further why I
place him in this group. Car 1 ended up
sort of water logged. Submarine style.
Another cars motor gave up due no
maintenance. A third met an early death. On
the 4th, it appears to be headed down a
similar path.

Slipped one day saying how much pickup the
new bird has, just what you want, having
your new bird hotrodded across town.

Grrrrrrrr I was determined this car was one
not going his direction.

Yeah a lot of teens are more mature in mind
and attitudes than some my age. But this one
I just don't know.

His folks are real nice people and try, but
parent can only do so much.

Originally posted by whvt01:
Slipped one day
saying how much pickup the new bird has, just what you want, having your new bird
hotrodded across town.B]

I don't see how the cleanup guys could get a car off the lot on a reputable dealership. They don't have lockbox keys. You drive the car over, they clean it, you go pick it back up.

I bet the sales manager/owner keep the Tbird keys at the tower too.

The detail shop is on the other side of town

They drive the car from the main lot or
old location to the new for washing and
waxing. The future plan will be to move
the whole dealership next to this new area
but for now it back and forth.

When a new customer pick up there car at
the old location, its cleaned and ready
for them, buyer does not take the car over
to be cleaned.
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