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Thought you would all like to know that there has been some ads sighted in the following publication:

Wall Street Journal 12-20-01; back page of the third section "Passion. Always had it. Always will." Highlights a red bird (just like mine, on order)

Cigar Aficionado, Dec. 2001; pp 28&29 "Eliminates the need to know the guy working the door" yellow bird

Food & Wine, Dec. 2001; inside back cover "Is your tank half empty or half full" blue bird.

Just thought you'd like to know and perhaps add to your collections. I've been reading and keeping up and you info has been quite helpful, thanks everyone.
Most recent edition of Sports Illustrated also has the ad with the yellow Bird

Blue/Blue Premium '02 (Waiting sort of patiently)
Yellow '76

Just read it!! SI December 24-31, 2001 issue, pages 12-13.

It's the "Eliminates the need to know the guy working the door." ad in Yellow Premium.

Triple Black #1049
Hi Dot,

Check out Dec. 24th issue of Time magazine. Two page picture of the back end of a red T-Bird. Caption "Room for your luggage, not your baggage" Can't say I agree 100%.
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