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With the black accent package is the high gloss black accents on the steering wheel and shift knob still leather wrapped or is it high gloss plastic?

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Shift knob is also high gloss black but not sure if it`s plastic or wood. I had a chance to buy a black/black hard top with out blk. accent package last week, after seeing it, I`ll wait for my car.$345.00 canadian, what are they charging in the U.S.

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To the best of my recollection, I believe the shift knob and steering wheel are wood with the black accent package. I seem to remember reading that the feel wasn't right with plastic so they went with wood.


PS I looked for this in the brochure, but there is nothing mentioned. Sorry
thenewtbird2: Ditto that I originally ordered it then had second thoughts (too cheap looking) and changed back to the leather.

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I got my car Friday. Triple black premium with black accent package on the shift knob and steering wheel. I purposely did not order the accent package on my car but I was offered the chance to move from third allocation to second when the original number 2 backed out they offered his car to me since it was a triple black premium exactly like mine. I did not find out until the car was built that it had the accent package and at that point all of the dealers remaining allocation was sold. I think it looks great, it does not look cheap and I think it is lacquered wood. My concern about the wheel is that is is a little slick and if you hands sweat at all, it gets worse. This is not a big issue, I love the car and I will get used to it but if I had to pick with or with out the accent packeage on the steering wheel, I would take all leather.

My thoughts were exactly the opposite, I thought the painted section had pretty good grip, I have never noticed any slip on the wheel. My concern is if it is painted, that over time the paint will chip and scratch.
Got my triple black premium on Wednesday with the black accent package.
I can't wait for the rain to stop!!!

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Dallas02Bird, Hold on to the wheel tighter. And jodrod,if the paint doesn't chip and just wears off naturally then it will give the car more maturity and make it look that much better. Mine will be blue on the wheel and shifter and I am not too much worried about it, I think it will look OK after a couple of years. We older people think that things get better with age!!

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I love the look of the slick black steering wheel and Knob. It is a very comfortable and it "feel" little smaller in diameter. Classy looking and smooth as a baby's bottom.
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