Accelerator Stuck @ 70mph

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Well I was on my way to work this morning on the freeway going about 70mph. Got off exit ramp car would not slow down when I eased of the gas. Got the the light heavy brake and 1800 rpm's. Put in park rpm's went to 3000 still would not idle at low rpms. Took it to Ford dealer. I'll post when I have more information.

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DavidB that's scary. Let us know what they find.

I'm sure you looked at this but it happened in my 1990 SC Bird. The floor mat got stuck on the pedal.

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Gobird, yes the first thing I checked was thew floormat. This was the strangest thing I have ever had happen to me. At first I panicked a little then I just turned off the ignition. Everyone may want to keep this in the back of their heads to turn off the ignition because its something you don't really think about doing as quickly as you'd like to.
The mats I was given with the car initially did not have the hole to attach them to the floor hook.

And that is exactly what happened, the mat slipped below the accelerator pedal and I got a good scare.

Now I have the accessory Tbird mats, and with the hook in place, they are not going anywhere.
Just got back from the dealership. The problem was the idle control valve sticking. The technician tapped it and the idle speed came back down to normal. He ordered a new one so it can be replaced next week.

They also looked into my problem when I ran out of gas on 1/4 tank of gas. They said Ford has issued a bulletin that they are having problems with the two fuel pumps in the gas tank. If a customer complains of running out of gas with 1/4 to 1/8 tank of gas they are to replace the two pumps. These are now also on order so they can go on next week.

should you need to turn off the car in this type of situation, don't turn all the way back (as if pulling out the key). the steering wheel could lock. also note, you will likely loose your power steering.

also, don't forget once you come to a stop that the bird won't let you re-start the car if you are not in park.
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