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For those of us who paid above MSRP, and some of us more than others, did you get your dealership to provide anything above for this and has anyone had any luck at getting anything after the sale was made. I`m very happy with my bird but for what I paid above MSRP I wish I had asked for something more (extended Warranty, etc.)No buyers remorse, but I`m curious to whaat others experiences have been.

Blue Blue Blue Premium
VIN #12295
Rotation 2290
Mansfield, Texas

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Did you realize that your car is just 250 away from the half-way point in this year's production run?

Just a little T-Bird trivia...


My wife and I paid $1000.00 over MSRP on 6/6/02 for a red/red/full red. As part of the deal we received a total of three keys, three key fobs, dealer 2002 TBIRD key feature booklet insert and a 2002 Motor Trend Car of the Year stick pin.

Have fun with your new Tbird.

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So guys, here's my take...I've been watching and waiting, and I'm in no hurry to buy a new bird, but I'm in the loop to buy a very plain delux hardtop. I've been in correspondence with mike biddle, and for 3 years we've been following the Ford Thunderbird, like nobody else. 1. Of the 25,000 produced for the year, the first 18,000 were "preordered" as per Ford announcemnt at "unveiling day party" June '01. I thought these were for speculators and die hard enthusiasts, but rumor suggests that dealers were placing dummy orders in family names to assure early delivery. Many of these were delivered to dealers, with no "hard sale" in place. Orders, like for you patient waiters are just finishing being filled. What's the count so far about 18,000? Also each dealer is allocated at least ONE Thunderbird, even if it's a rural dealer in northern Michigan snow belt, where he sells F250's with snow plows by the dozen. Rumor has it those cars were brokered off to make room for better, more sellable inventory. This does not take into account the "grey market cars" from Canada... So what about the remianing 7,000 to be produced between now and October '02 to end the 02 model year. How many preorders are set for the 2003 run?? There are 352 Thunderbirds listed for sale on Auto Trader.com. I've dropped internet postiongs using Ford web site and other searches, and have 3 local dealers offering me the folowing.1)yellow hard top full color interior premium at 39,9995 + $500.00, 2. Yellow hardtop, premium, partial interior at $40,400 MSRP and the offer to change an upcoming build of a yellow premium to a yellow delux hardtop (I like the deluxe wheels better, and I'm trying to capture the concept car look) at MSRP when it arrives. Chris Lebus, from the forum, here will bend over backwards to serve your needs. Thanks again Chris!! What do I think?? I think the cars are out there, the economy is flat, the car is in a market with upscale two seat roadsters and down scale (Miata) roadsters also. I applaud the younger members of the Forum, but I'm 47, upper income have two adolecent daughters, and I have to stretch my imagination to justify any other than selfish pleasure at spending $40thou. My wife, Janet, is actually supportive of my Thunderenthusiasm. For your 'price over list,' you receive the first kid on the block, and managing the wait promotional materials. This subject comes up at the local classic Thunderibrd club events and I'm sure it will be a buzz at Parsippany and in Destin
Although the dealership originally marked up the car $5000 over sticker, we worked them down to about $1750 over. However, in order to get "the deal" done (we unexpectedly purchased our car on 6/15), they adjusted the interest rate on the financing, and gave us $1000 off the 6 yr/100,000 mile extended warranty (I'm one who plans to drive the car instead of letting it stay in the garage
) Overall we felt good about the deal (at least until I found this forum and see all the people buying at MSRP!!) I returned to the dealership yesterday to have a couple of minor things fixed (scratched door panels), and asked about the price for ordering the chrome bezel and Thunderbird floormats. Some here have said the dealership threw in the mats for free, but we'll see what this one does.

There was another dealership in Houston that had a Black T-bird with 750 miles on it, marked for the bargain price of $48K!! Unbelievable!!
Oh my God. You guys are going to hate this. My fiance is on the market for a new car. Her parents were going to get her a new car for $28k or under for a graduation present since she has an A average and went to a less expensive state school from which she is graduating in 3 years. She is a T-bird nut too and so I decided that now was the time to call in a few favors that I have gotten through my classic car dealings. I happen to know through a friend a Ford dealership owner very well and with a little bit of convincing I talked him into ordering me a new Tbird for my fiance with the basic package. The deal was that I could ge the basic Tbird for dealer invoice and then sell her old car to make the difference to below $28k. That took quite a few favors. She was ecstatic. I was proud of myself for thinking of it. But her parents hated the idea and squashed it. At the very least they could have bought the car and made a very large profit selling it. But they are perfectly willing to get her a nice Mazda Millenium with all the bells and whistles for about the same price. I just don't get how some parents will short their children just so they don't have to take someone elses help.

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