A vacuum cleaner for my bird

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I have a question related to cleaning out my bird. I have an older mini-vac that doesn't work very well, so I'd like to get a new portable vacuum. I've seen those late-night TV commercials for various vacuums (for example, the "Turbo Tiger" is at http://www.tvproducts4less.com/hwtt-4.html.

Can someone recommend a decent portable vacuum so I can keep my bird well-groomed?

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The new line of "Shark" vacs are very good. Haven't had any experience with the cordless but I hear it's good.(Sears)carries the line
thaser, I've never found a portable with much power. I use a little red Dirt Devil. It works great and has the attachments to get into the tight places. I know this doesn't help if you don't have a place to plug it into but this is what I use.

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Thanks for the info. Actually, I do have access to an electric outlet -- I didn't mean to suggest "cordless" when I said "portable". I can easily see where someone would read it that way, however. Lesson learned by me -- be more specific when kicking off a thread in the forum! I'll take a look at the Shark line and the Dirt Devil -- sounds like I can't go wrong. Thanks again!
I use a 12 volt Black & Decker Car Vac Plus that I got for my birthday.


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One of the few wedding presents my ex didn't claim was a B&D Carvac with a 12V plugin adapter. When I got the new Bird I found it still unopened on a shelf in the garage. Plugged it in and it works great. Plenty of suction for removing all debris from the mats and cushions. Don't think that model is still available, since it dates back to '83.
Tip: When using a shop vac or any type vac with a hose, here is a tip to get into those tight spots. Get a automatic transmission funnel (prefferably a new one) and stick the hose into the large end. The vacuum suction will hold the funnel to the hose by itself. Now you can take that long skinny end and get down between the seats, around the seatbelt floor mount etc. Try it, it works great.

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Hey Lon, you're the man! I am a clean car fanatic! The hose/tubing idea is a great one!

I ended up getting the portable Shop Vac (7 amps, 2.0 gallon capacity). I got it today from amazon and I've already cleaned my T-bird with it. It works like a champ, and of course it has many uses beyond my T-bird. I thinks its a lot of vacuum for the money. I appreciate the suggestions everyone provided. Special thanks to Tom M for the shop vac tip.

Glad it worked out for you. Did you get extra bags? I had a hard time finding them, I finally got them from Shop Vac on the internet.

Tom M
Yes, I did get the extra bags (thanks for the tip on that, too). I was careful to get the right size of bags. (It seems crazy that they have a different bag for just about every shop vac). However, I didn't get the micro cleaning kit and sort of regret not doing so. Partly to use for my T-bird, but also for lots of stuff around the house (like this keyboard!). Oh well, I can tack one on to my next online purchase.

Thanks again.
Like the previous post I also use the lint roller for the top and boot to keep the lint off......it works well. Also, I just bought a Shark portable vaccum at Sears this past week end for my Bluebird, for 49.99 it does very well and has a lot of good attachments that came with it. No complaints at all.

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I have an Euro Pro bagless 900W portable vac. This little mini vac has alot of power and doesn't need a bag. It can be used with or without a hose and has plenty of attachments. As a bonus it also has a pole attachment which will let you use it as an upright. I purchased it at Target.
Thaser, after grappling with a 12 gallon shop vac for years, and realizing what a waste of space and excess capacity etc. I bought this one.
https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003M2F7NI/?tag=thunderbirdforum-20. It's from Armor All.
Compact, powerful and even includes Mini attachments for those tight spaces in the cockpit. I got mine at Autozone when the had a 20% off deal going. Normally $39.95 for $32.95. If you need a portable check Black and Decker for a variety of rechargeable options. Google is your friend!:)
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