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We have a STAR among us.

Tonite at work, my union rep showed me an employee bulletin he found in labor relations. He asked me to read it. I didn't make it past two sentences and knew the rest of it- almost by heart.

I told him that I had already read it- he was totally shocked and asked me how if it had just been released. I told him that I had read it last week.

Our very own PBOCCIARDI'S topic- Another Use for the T-Bird -- Therapy... her posting word for word was what he wanted me to read

I laughed out loud and said... yeah.. that's (and said her name)... I know her.. she's a friend of mine...

So, CONGRATS PB for being the first posting from our board to make it to the plant

Guess I had better behave now that management is watching the board... nah... that wouldn't be much fun

Have a great day everyone

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Maybe we should get some samples of the Scoop coming to you folks at the plant!

Could send the Jan/Feb Issue, and the subsequent issues, if you'll give me the address.

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Oh, thank you so much for posting this, Pooh. I am incredibly flattered and happy that something I wrote from my heart has been embraced by the people at Ford. You have totally made me day.

I keep having this fantasy that Ford will hire me away from my unhappy government job and ask me to be a traveling writer on behalf of the Thunderbird. Wouldn't that be the perfect job???

-- Paula
Paula, Congrats, I told you it was great. Now you can write a song about it and play it for your parents. Something like "Tweedy's back to make you happy"


I would like to send you a copy of it

Please email me with your address so that I can send it to you. Would look really nice with a copy of the posting. Will see if I can come up with something creative.

Jodrod- do you think if I can get it scanned (scanner deficient here) we could add it to the yahoo group ?
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