A snow bird came out of its den today!

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+2c Sunny and no salt or sand on the roads...

Decided to wash the car today as it had been sitting in an ungergoud garage for 2 weeks and was burried under a thin layer of dust.

Finally decided to go for a spin

Aint life's little pleasures fun!!!!

Blue/Blue full accent...

Hope to be flying on a regular basis in about 5 weeks.....

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Know where your comming from. Had my first day off in 3 weeks today, went everywhere. My wife, who didn't want me get the car, has been driving the car almost everyday. The ride is a throw back to the 60's. Although I still believe the car shouldn't have retailed for more than $31,500, and you might think what am I talking about, I would still have paid $50,000 for it. Since I could afford it,It's my treat. Can't wait for more warm wheather where I will store the hardtop in the garage and go topless.
Erict: Our yellow bird got a 80 km workout
today as well! Sure looking forward to an
early spring.
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