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Originally posted by blue2u:
Drool over this Saleen Tbird!

Well it certainly is different- so much so that it loses the retro feel that is associated with the car. From the side it looks like a low-rider.
The front is clean but it remonds me of a customized grill from a Ford F150--and the Tbird is gone. The rear- two 90 degree dorsal fins stuck on the trunk-- to what purpose?
It reminds me of the "car" that was painted the hideous color with some JC Whiney add-ons that is always in the back corner of a used car dealers lot, that they'll do anything to get rid of-- but like the saying goes----- there's an ass for every seat.
I guess I could have said simply- I don't really like it.
I'm sure the car has some kick-ass getup and go! But the changes are too radical for me. I like the manual stick and the 18" wheels. Don't like the changes to the front grill or the fins on the tail. All in all it’s a good job customizing. It’s just not for me.

No bird yet! But got one on order.
The thing I disliked most about the production car compared to the prototypes I saw in Detroit was the plastic chrome grill!
I love the billet grill and the from facia.
The hard tonneau is also great if it fits the trunk.
The rest I would not be interested in.
Leisha: I agree about the Grille. I wish someone would cast one, and not plastic, for the market. I would guess many of us would buy it.
Also, by the looks of that Tonneau cover, it appears that it would probably make your car a permanent convertable without being able to put the top up. It doesn't look as if it would fit in the trunk. Of course you may still have the Hard Top
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