A bunch of birds hitting my NYC dealer

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I'm not sure of pricing, but I got a heads up from my local dealer that a couple of UNSOLD Tbirds just hit my local dealer.

If anyone is having trouble getting their hands on one, they are available right now in Blue, Black and Yellow. I think there is another couple on the way and they have not sold out their allocation of 30 yet, so there is still time to order another color.

If anyone is interested, i'll get more info.

TBIRD II - My License Plate

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You know it is rather sad, that dealers did not sell these at a fair price and allow people to go though the exitement (maybe even hell) of waiting for the car.

The Thunderbird Collection is another one of the great things that we owners who got to order early and go through the waiting got to experience.

I am sure that in NYC, if these cars were at list they would all have names attached to them.

God Bless Small Town America I guess.
NUTTYGAMBLER Small town America is no bargen eather. There are gougers all over this great country, not just in big bad NYC.
Speaking about NYC, I have the feeling that there are not many Birds out and about in the NY Metro area as I have yet to see one on the street. The closest I got was one sitting in the showroom of a Ford Dealer that was going out of business. He wanted (and I guess got) $49,000+ for the car.

Have any of you folks in and around NY spoted any 2002 Birds on the streets near you?
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