A blue and a red

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This is the first time I have joined a group or a board based on something that I own - but I guess you all understand how a T-Bird can make that happen.

It started with a crazy whim over lunch in a diner ... my daughter needed a new car, and we were thinking of maybe a new Beetle or a PT Cruiser, but we saw a T-Bird moving out of the parking lot, and the rest was history. We checked the net for dealer inventory, and made it to a local place just after a blue premium full-accent came off the transporter. We bought it on the spot - well, actually after a theatrical walk-out when they asked for a $5k ADM. They caved real fast and settled for sticker. (This was back in June.)

My daughter was crazy about the car and we loved it too - we were jealous. I was walking around thinking, man, that's the nicest car I ever bought and I gave it away! We lasted a month and then found a red premium black-accent for ourselves.

I'm amazed at the goodwill the car generates. Driving it is fun in every way.

The blue one was delivered in perfect condition. The red one has a couple of little faults, but the feel-good thing has made me surprisingly uncritical. And it made me do something I haven't done since the very first car I ever owned - rush out and buy waxes and cleaners and cotton towels.

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Writer- Congratulations on your 'Birds! I too am new to this forum thing, I only joined yesterday. I took delivery of my T-Bird on July 2nd. It is a blue premium with partial accent interior. Man, this is the best thing I've ever bought for myself! It's amazing what owning one of these cars does to you.

From what I've read over the past couple of weeks, this forum looks outstanding. There is much to share and learn about these cars. Hope to chat again.
Welcome aboard to Writer! And Blue Heaven (again)! Great story about the blue/red T-bird pair! Your daughter is really lucky (duh, understatement of the year). My T-bird is also blue premium with partial. Sounds like you both are enjoying your new cars as much as everyone on the forum. One suggestion -- if you use the "search" feature on this forum you will find tons of useful information... need some accessories? have a problem? whatever - try the search tool.

See you around...
Writer- I had to chuckle when I read your message. My wife and I purchased (for my everday ride :) ) the same car your daughter has on 7/24/02. The car is an absolute gas and she loves it! The green-eyed monster has now gotten ahold of her and now she'd like to have one...red/red-black, just like your second one!
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