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New Blackbird

How often is the information on the 1-800 number updated? I called today and it says that my car is scheduled to be built the week of 1/28 ?


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You are a gem!

I have purchase a lot of new cars in my lifetime, and almost all of them have been right off the lot. This has been a long agonizing 18-month period of time, waiting for this car. I am sure it will be worth the wait. However it has been wonderful people like you and WixomPooh who have made this an unforgettable experience. You and Pooh have been with us holding our hand and encouraging us throughout the entire time. THANK YOU once again.
Redbird and WixomPooh

Thanks for keeping us posted. I've been lurking since Jan. 01, but now it's time to roll. Watch for 111174 this week or next.

Thanks again to Dot and Jodrod for all the info.

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