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What is the 800 number that I can call and check on my order? I have the order number and the dealer number. I have heard that if you have this information, you can see if your car has an established VIN. Thanks

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1 800 962 3746...

You can also lookup by VIN number.

The automated system does not care what dealer code you give it...

It does not check if the dealer code matches the VIN on order..

SO! You can request status on ANY VIN!

I have been tracking numbers before and after my VIN to see what the production rate is at....

A little hacking trick to gather more info.
I've been frustrated with one major problem with the 800#. The thing is voice activated and gets certain letters mixed up over and over.

Specifically, it mixes up T, P, and E with eachother and the number 3. 9 out of 10 times I have to repeat just to get past a T or a P. I'm using Order Number, which means I need to use the body # "P60" and my order # (T007). It almost always thinks I'm saying "T60" or "P007" instead.

So the question is, do they have another way to say the letters such as saying Peter or Thomas for P and T? Or do I just have a big New York accent?

I didn't even attempt using VIN number because it's so long and it's having a hard enough time figuring out the few letters I'm trying.

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It seems the system is nicer to "non accent" female voices. My wife has a "neutral english accent" and gets the system to respond correctly every time.

With my subtle french accent the system hates me if I use the english VOPC line.

I dont do too bad with the french IVR but you need to be in Quebec to access the 800 number and to get access to the french system prompts.
There is a way to check status on line according to the 800# message. I have not been able to find anyone that knows how yet.
There must be someone out there that can help us.
The online access that the system refers to is available to dealers only! The Ford dealers computer system is called 'Concepts'.
Therefore not available to us outside users.

T02 Bird -- was wondering if we could use
the online system, now see we can't

The voice system has been working fine for
me so far. Repeats what I say ask if
correct than continues on.

Status appears to be updated once a week.
At first, the 800# was a nightmare. I thought it was my southern accent. I changed from my wireless phone to a corded one and it is 100% better. Give it a try.
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