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64 T Bird for parts

Discussion in '1955 - 2005 Thunderbird Parts for Sale/wanted' started by draodie, Mar 25, 2017.

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  1. Hi, Folks. I've got a 64 Bird that was wrecked (bent frame, shock towers, front cross member) that I've started parting out. From the windshield back it was a complete car. I've already sold the seats, window motors, hubcaps and a few small parts. I've got a lot of parts still to sell. All the glass is almost perfect, the dash is still complete, and I've got some grill parts the last guy bought to replace the wrecked ones. I'm in Canon City, Colorado and would ship using UPS unless you make other arrangements. Prices are reasonable, I'm not trying to get rich selling parts. Let me know what you are looking for.
  2. I'm looking for headlight bezels that the chrome is in good condition. Do you have these? I would like to give them to my hubby as a gift if not too much.
  3. Sorry, I don't have the bezels
  4. This sounds strange, but do you have all the hardware that fits in the trunk? By that I mean the bumper jack, spare tire holder, and all the associated clamps and wing nuts, etc.

    I've spent years dealing with mechanicals, and will soon start working with body components. My trunk needs replacing, and to be honest, the spare tire is laying on the bottom -- not a good place. I'd love to bolt it in its proper place, but there's not hardware. I'll need it eventually anyway.

    Then, how do the taillights, rear bumper, etc., look? If decent I might be interested.
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  5. Hey Gary... sorry but I don't have any of the hardware you are looking for. The rear bumper and taillights are in great shape. The "Thunderbird" center section is showing it's age with cracks in the plastic. text me your email address to 719 371-0066 and I'll send you photos. Sorry it took so long to respond..tech difficulties.
  6. Happy Easter!

    I'll be sending my e-mail shortly.

    Yes, my car is a project which has taken way too long -- had the car about 20 years. Ran into lots of problems, service shops and parts dealers ripping me off and such. the good news is that the car, such as it is, has been enjoyable to the point of taking it to car shows and making friends, not to mention getting me into the business of working with car radios.

    Just recently I've spent lots of money on the car's steering and suspension, and most recently the rear axle and springs. This time it was money well spent, as the ride and handling are vastly improved and I might even be getting better gas mileage. Next step will be working with body and interior, although I've just spent my load on the suspension and taxes are this week. So right now I might have to pick and choose what I get, but give me a couple weeks and I could be coming back for more.

    I could certainly use the rear bumper, taillight lenses, and that center chrome piece -- even with the cracked plastic, they're available new. I could use interior chrome, center console and such, I need window motors for the back windows -- someone removed them and put in cranks. I think I have ONE motor assembly -- forget if it's left or right, but can't even install that because there is a third window channel for power version which is missing. I'm sure I could come up with much more, but I guess I'll try to start somewhere.
  7. I don't have the window motors or tracks. the console has some wear but the vinyl isn't cracked. the trim is complete except for the missing ash tray cover. the window controls and the radio have been sold.
  8. Hi i am looking for a complete steeringwheel with ring and centre.
  9. sorry, I've already sold the steering wheel
  10. Draodie, thanks for your help, it is greatly appreciated.Yes, I'm the one who got the steering wheel, along with a back bumper, taillight lenses, and assorted chrome. The parts are in great shape (except the steering wheel) and will be a great asset to my project car. Something I especially appreciate, as requested he included all the mounting hardware. My car has been messed with so much that I cannot tell what screws and nuts are original -- it greatly helps.

    The steering wheel -- he described it as not so good, but I wanted it anyway. It will need to be rebuilt, but is in much better condition than mine, and is a good candidate -- and I can continue driving the car in the meantime.
  11. Draodie, When you have the chance, please e-mail me directly at the garytayman.com address.
    My server has gone down, and I'm typing from a laptop, and don't have your address or previous messages.
    For the benefit of everyone else, I'll say once again that Draodie has been a pleasure to do business with; I've received some excellent parts for my project hardtop.
    Anyway, I'm interested in a couple more small items. The stainless trim that goes around the back window -- there is a left side, right side, and top. Bottom is the vent. On my car the left (driver's) side trim has a small dent in it. Is yours in good shape? Also, I guess the front of your car is the damaged portion, but do you by chance have the fender-mounted turn signal indicators? I'd like to replace the left side, but I'll take both if good.

  12. Hi, My buddy and I are restoring his dad's 64 TBird. One of the 2 carb floats (the one closest to the dashboard) is missing it's pin (that holds the float in place) and wire spring. In other words, we have the float itself, but no way to hang it. Let us know if you can help us out! We'll probably have a few more parts needed over the summer as well.
  13. Sorry, I can't help you out. My bird is just about completely parted out. Mostly just the shell is left.
  14. Can you send me pics of the dash thanks
  15. tbird4.jpg steer.jpg left1.jpg tbird4.jpg tbird4.jpg left1.jpg steer.jpg tbird4.jpg left1.jpg steer.jpg These are the only pics I have of the installed dash. Awhile back, a guy wanted to buy the complete dash, so I pulled it and boxed up all the loose parts. Then he decided he didn't have the money. So now the dash and parts are loose in the car. left1.jpg tbird4.jpg left1.jpg
  16. How much for the dash
  17. $150 plus shipping, which will be expensive, the dash weighs a ton. Contact me at draodie@gmail.com to make final arrangements
  18. If that gentleman backs out I would be interested. Also I'm looking for rims I have 14in rims now but I'm looking for 15in
  19. I am not going to be able to buy the dash at this time
  20. Thanks Splel for responding. Nobadlie, if you can email me at draodie@gmail.com we can work out the details. By the way, I've only got 2 of the original 15 inch wheels left
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