57 Bird rear window window installation


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To my surprise, the rear window released itself from the hardtop while covered in storage. The rubber seemed to be shot so ordered anew. Does anyone have the steps for the four components in order of attaching them all: window, rubber, chrome and the top. Thanks!
JUST finished mine, put a string around the rubber. very slowly work it into the opening. photo in manual of how to, windshield and rear install are the same. have ss trim in place, should take 30 mikes or less. tuck the headliner in as you procced.
good luck
When I had my headliner replaced I furnished a new gasket. The installer said he had a devil of a time getting it in as he said the new gasket was much thicker than the original. He confirmed this with others who have replaced these gaskets and he is a custom interior specialist working on classics and custom hot rods.