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Wow, where did all these new folks come from? We just hit 500 registered members, and growing!


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Well we only need 24500
more and we will have all of them.

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HeelBird, don't think we need to give away our Nudos. I know I don't want to lose mine. Anyway, A T-bird in the hand is worth a lot more than a Nudo in a pot. ;-)
Can you imagine the onslaught of new members if we opened this up to BMW M3 owners and ex-SCOOP editors??

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While I just joined this site, I have been following it for the past few months, right before we got our Torch Red 'Bird. I was wondering if anyone saw my mention of this website on the SEMA website. After speaking with SEMA, I made sure that they mentioned this site. I hope everyone realizes that SEMA has listed this website as the top website for new Thunderbird owners!
500 thats great. Do you have a breakdown by states? If so can you share the info (numbers not names). I don't see many from Ohio post messages, wish I lived closer to Georgia sometimes.

Kick that dog again. I can just see the lawyers lining up to press suit. To all the newcomers on this forum: May your skid pad numbers be high and your Thunder not be on 66.

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This forum is great for gathering info. for the T-bird! I have also been a member of the corvette forum, which is alot like this one, since it was a brand new page aslo. It's amasing how big it has grown in membership, over the past few years. Asking any question, or looking for facts, and have learned many things that i didnt know. Hope this forum becomes just as informative, and big in size!

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Hopefully RT66 will go as planned. I have planned my vacation around it. We will be joining up in Amarillo and continuing from there to the end of the tour. From there we will drive back to FL via WA and the northern route, down thru CO and the Rockies on to home.

I hope everything goes well also. I was mainly poking fun with joelja. Hope you enjoy 66 and hope to see you on "Destination".

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I found this forum by entering 2000 Thundbird into Infoseek to see what would turn up. It has been fun and helpful. I had a rattle in my dash; entered dash into the search function; and found others had a similar rattle. Fixed it quickly.

And we love our car!

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