3 years today

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It was three (3) years ago today that my wife & I put a deposit down on our T-Bird. In two (2) more days we will have had possesion of the car for four(4)months. That long agonizing wait just doesn't seem that it was that long after you get the car, but before receiving the car it seems as if you have waited forever.

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Lon, I admire your patience. I went to a couple of dealers in the area and their respective allotments were spoken for. As luck would have it, on Sunday Jan.13, there appeared an add from a dealer some seventy miles north of us showing a white/white premiun with partial red for sale. I called the dealer Monday morning at 8AM and made a deal over the phone, thereby surprising my wife with an early Valentine's present. Drove over Monday PM and picked up that beauty and drove it home that night. I just got lucky. My wife was ecstatic!
It was three years ago as of 2/23 that I put a small deposit down at my dealer to go on a waiting list. At the time I was #8. When I got the call about a year ago for serious deposit $$, I was #4. It may be close to the 23rd that I actually receive my car. That would be a nice anniversary present!

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I think you may have me beat Lon and Tip (of course, I don't know for sure, I haven't got my car yet): I'm right at 2 years and 3 months now.

The midlife crisis is over, the world we lived in back then has passed away, the economy has gone in the toilet, and what was once eager anticipation has turned to grim determination.

What a patient and passionate lot we are.

Just remenber the old adage, if we build it they will buy it, or something like that. They just didn't say HOW LONG it would take to build it. All kidding aside, I have waited for this car since they quite making the Bird in 1997, I had a 95 and wanted a new one. I got mine and it is better then I even though so to everyone out there STILL waiting, like those of us who got ours say, THE WAIT IS WORTH IT.
Trust me on this one.

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