3-D images or stereo viewing

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Since some seem to be getting bored (typical January fever), I decided to start looking thru my photos from the past year for the few stereo shots that I've taken of these 'birds and post them on thenewtbirddata site. (look in the "interior" folder). Only have one up so far - interior shot - behind seat - set up for parallel and x-eyed "free" viewing.

huh?!! What's that??

Instructions for viewing are found on this page:
Will take probably a week or so of steady practice to view them one way or the other but this is my favorite method of photography and I really enjoy looking at 3-d photos - it's almost as good a being there.
There are viewers that can be bought if you get too frustrated and can't get the images to focus in 3-D, but don't give up right away - it took me 2 weeks to learn the x-eyed method with daily headaches during the learning process.

If 1 3-d photo is not enough for now, I have more of the concept car on this site. That site will disappear in about 3 days.

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