2nd Rate Convertible Top?

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Jan 28, 2002
According to Autoweek (March 25th) the convertible top material on the new Mustang SVT Cobra is "out of the same fabric found on drop-top Jaguars-in other words, its better than the Thunderbird folding top". To bad Ford has to always cut corners on cost. Second rate top, poor visors, no heated seats, just adequate audio system, copy-cat LS dash, etc, etc. No wonder Ford is in financial trouble.
Whoaa man you're talkin about my baby!
CTBob: -- My bet is you don't have a 2002 T-Bird or you'd know that the top is actually made of excellent material and has a near perfect fit. It's tight, quiet and looks great. There's nothing wrong with the stereo, and the dash coming from the LS ... so what, the whole car came from an LS. I'll admit to the other complaints, especially the visors and the heated seats should have been an option for sure.

Park next to a BMW Z3 someday and compare the 2 tops. Guess what, there is NO comparison, the T Bird top is much nicer, with a much better fit.

And Gary W., if you're lurking out there, that applies to the convertible M3 also.

Not that those cars don't have their own strong points - they surely do - but give Ford credit where credit is due. The top is first rate.

Tom M
What Hansenisu said above. I thought my Sebring top was great, but the Tbird top is really much, much nicer, though I prefer the Sebring's latching mechanism--two hands, but very simple and straightforward. Also, when the top is up in the Tbird there's maybe even LESS headroom with the CV than with the fiberglass.

(But with the top down,"Oh Wow"!)
gmadams - no it wasn't me. I took the kids to play golf yesterday afternoon.....a real tough decision - play golf with my 11 and 15 year old or go cruising with top down on a gorgeous NC Sunday. The kids won out, of course, since there will be plenty of nice days in the future.

Oh, BTW - I checked my odometer when I got back and my wife did not take my car out for a spin. Am I too possessive?

Could be, even thought the Bird is my daily driver, it is half the wife's. While I watched the race yesterday, she took the car to the beach and she had a beautiful day for it.
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