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I recieved my first call on 11-9-01 exactly 30 days after delivery on 10-9-01. caller told me to expect second call in 30 more days on 12-9-01.

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I have not recieved any calls. delivery 10 -01-01. I have a N-M has any other N-M owners been called?
I took delivery 11/9. Got my 1st call 12/5 pm. As many of you know, since I'm in Minnesota and the Bird is not a snow car, it has been placed in storage. (154 mi on unit)

So, I advised the lady I had only driven the car one week and that hardly qualified me to give her good feed back. I asked if I could call Ford in the spring after having had the opportunity to put on more miles. No, she said that was not possible. I then asked if she could call me later since she would be calling be calling new owners all year long...no she said that was not possible.

Soooo I told her to mark the call unsatisfactory, and fill in the proper square.

I'm glad other owners had better luck.

I was not impressed with the call program...I doubt I'll hear from Ford again!!
I have a N-M and I did get a call about 30 days after I took delivery.
The research/customer survey should call everyone at thirty days and again in the 60 day range.
I am expecting a second call next week.
I also got a call from FORD after they reviewed the survey card you are given to fill out after delivery.
The FORD dealerships are so busy with 0% sales that they don't take time to show the most important option "taking the hardtop off and operating the soft top and boot cover".
This was the major delivery problem I had and they noted that, and were going to get a memo out to address proper delivery techniques for the FORD Birds with Hardtops.

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Like you stated the dealers are so busy with 0% they don't have the time to do a walk around with the customers showing them how things work. I took delivery of mine on a Thursday and swung by the dealer on Saturday as its only 3 miles away to say hello. They asked me if I had taken the hardtop off yet. I told them that I had it off Friday and put it back on that morning (Saturday).
Now get this, they asked if I wouldn't mind pulling it into the service drive-in greeting area and show them how to take it off and put it back on so they could show their future customers.
"I also got a call from FORD after they reviewed the survey card you are given to fill out after delivery"

Above from Lon.
I didn't get a survey to fill out!

I've not received my 2nd call. Have received 2 mail-back satisfaction surveys from some non-Ford outfits---the 2nd one had a nice dollar bill in it. I guess I now paid $39,999 for mine...
Hi everyone!!

Sorry we lost contact with you all, but we didn't know where you were. A customer in Rhode Island told me where to find you, so here we are. (OK, so I am not the most internet-savvy individual, I'm learning). In trying to respond to your concerns about the follow-up call. The second calls come up after we have exhausted all the first call VINs. There are only two of us making the calls, so there is no way Lady T and myself can get through the few thousands of you in a day, so there is a good chance that you won't hear from us again. When we expressed this concern with the the "powers that be", they are now trying to implement a procedure to be able to distinguish between 30 and 60 calls. Let us pray they get it right.

As far as not contacting some of you, a lot of you we call at work and get stopped by the secretary, at lot of answering machines, some wrong or disconnected numbers, some not at home when we call, a lot of not interested (but I'm sure that isn't any of you), etc. I even had a customer tell me that they didn't want to be bothered because I was calling during Wheel of Fortune. This is in the minority. Most everyone we talk to is excited to talk to us, be we actually only contact 15-20% of the customers we call. We are doing our best to call you, but we are only human.

Please continue to post information on this website. You would be surprised how happy people are when I direct them to Blueovalnews, now fordthunderbirdforum, to help customers like yourself on all different subjects.

I've gotta go now to make more calls, talk to you again soon.



Glad you found us. Thanks for the explanation re the follow-up calls. As you say, most everone on this board is interested in and would be pleased to respond to your follow-up calls. We look forward to hearing from you.
Hey G-thang,

I think that was me you were talking to about where we all went and I'm in Oklahoma (where the wind comes sweeping 'cross the plain). I did enjoy visiting with you and appreciate your listening to my praises and concerns. That was call #1 for me and I took delivery on Nov 9. Look forward to hearing from you next month. If this weather doesn't clear up around here, I'm not sure how much more I'll be able tell you as I have a fair weather Bird.


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I recieved two calls from Ford, the first one I was not home (picked the number off the caller ID). But they were nice enough to call a 2nd time. I assume I talked to Lady-T, anywat her name started that way. It's great that someone is following up, but with only 1200 miles on the car I have not found any problems. Hope you both keep calling the new owners, it is a nice touch.

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