21 point chrome wheels

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A.) Is it possible to pay to switch the stock wheels on the Premium (7 point chrome) to the 21 point chrome wheels?

B.)If so anyone know what the price should be to have the 7 point chrome exchanged for 21 point chrome?

C.) I believe I have seen the price for the 21 point chrome wheels as approx. $600 per, anyone know the stock prices for the 21 point aluminum and the 7 point chrome?

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A) answer is NO - on your order - not available on any production tbird except the Neiman Marcus. Your dealer would have to order them separate and install them after the car came in.

B&C - I believe someone had looked this up before on the BON and came up with app.$200 standard and $400 for 7spoke chrome. Those are just rounded off figures as I haven't read that thread for about 5 or 6 months. Also remember that the prices are negotiable with your dealer.
Someone else suggested that it might be cheaper to have the 21 spoke painted wheels, chromed.
When I was looking for wheels I had a hard time finding chromes that I liked but did find several silver powder coated designs that were acceptable. At that point I did some checking around about having painted wheels chromed. On the average it will run about $125/wheel for chroming. I did a Google search on chroming wheels and had quite a few hits from all across the country.

So from the prices Dot listed, the 21 spokes would be about $325 each, not a bad price.

Something to think about.

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