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Jul 8, 2022
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Is it okay to use synthetic motor oil in a 2005 Thunderbird?
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It will not harm anything to use synthetic oil.
In my opinion it's just more expensive.
Is it okay to use synthetic motor oil in a 2005 Thunderbird?
I use Pennzoil Platinum and as far as I can tell everything is perfect. There was a time when using syn oil in an older car was an issue, but now that isn't the case. It seems, according to my research that Amsoil is the best of them all but very pricey. The Pen Platinum is very close.
I use Mobil 1, High Mileage, 5W-20 full synthetic motor oil in my 2004 Thunderbird.

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I've used Syntec/EDGE in my 96 bird . 276000 miles without the valve covers being removed. my 2012 Escape has 146000 without the valve covers being removed. my 2005 bird has 74000 with no problems. I am a synthetic advocate.
I'd be cautious about switching to synthetic. I had a 2005 Ford Escape (purchased new) with well over 100k miles when the garage mistakenly put synthetic oil in at an oil change. Up until then, I had zero oil leaks and never had to add oil between changes. Within a month, I was leaking oil. The garage owned up to the mistake, replaced the leaking gaskets (no charge) and I got another 50K or so leak free miles before trading her in. From what I've read and talked to mechanics about synthetic oil, if the car is less than 10 years old, has under 25K miles and has no oil seepage, it's safe to switch. Otherwise, there is a chance of leaks developing. I use a synthetic blend with factory recommended viscosity in my Bird.
I am an Amsoil dealer and run Amsoil full synthetic Signature Series. Like Franks hot sauce "I put that in everything". Never had a problem with any car, truck, bike, ATV, watersports or 2 stroke power tool. The T-Bird takes the same 5W-20 as my truck so I buy in bulk. Absolutely 100% okay to run synthetic. đź‘Ś
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I've run synthetic oil in all my cars for the past 20+ years including my 70K T-bird. The only car I did not use it in was my 73 Corvette simply due to age and existing oil leaks due to engine age.