2005 Torch red touch up paint


50th anniversary torch red
Has anyone bought torch red touch up paint....My 2005 just got its first stone chip in the hood and I need to touch it up. Not happy on interstate 10 this morning heading to downtown Phoenix!
Sorry to hear you got your first stone chip.. Here is a good thread on this..



50th anniversary torch red
Thanks..i went to a ford website and Ir said Colorado red was the match but we all know the 2005 t bird is torch red and this looks like the match.
I purchased the Torch Red touch up paint from my local Ford dealer and it was not the right color (too dark). The previous owner had a small bottle that he had had made at an auto collision place that matches much more closely. Try out your touch up paint in a inconspicuous place to be sure it matches.

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Last time I ordered Torch Red from the dealer I was told all that was available was Colorado Red but it was identical. I wouldn't count on ANY GM "Torch Red" to be the same as used on our cars...

I've done a LOT of touch up of dings/scratches over the years on all kinds of classic cars with toothpicks, artist brushes and matchsticks and this little item (available on Amazon) is far and away the best for rock chips; 4 minutes 10 seconds into this video: