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Oct 15, 2021
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I've used these "convertible window gluing clamps" twice on New Beetle convertible. Looks like I'll have to use them on the '05 Blackbird: the bottom corners of the glass are loose.

The suction cup screws lift the glass up against the underside of the fabric, while the narrow end presses the fabric against the glass. Put a cardboard box or pillows under the glass for support, then lower the top slightly to release the tension on the fabric. "Automotive Goop" does not hold long. 3M 5200 Marine Sealant holds well but is messy to use and takes days to dry.

Amazon offers various versions of these. On this on, the suction cups seem to be too stiff. They worked best when first softened in very hot water.
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I have a high mileage T Bird that I am saving for parts for my two low mileage Birds. The rear convertible glass
was separated almost all the way across. I simply unfastened the top to give some slack, cleaned the rear glass
and cleaned the fabric, stuffed the top storage area with big pillows to hold the glass firmly, then reglued the
glass and fabric with GE 35 year clear silicone. Dried overnight, fastened the top back, and for two and a half
years the glued area is still good as new, and no leaks. Interesting thing is I have repaired some small issues
with this car, and it is to good to not keep intact. No oil leaks, and always starts even if left sitting for five weeks.
I like Pernatex epoxy for canvas/glass (they have many different ones). I've heard some use strong magnets to hold in place
Hello to all out there. I have a question about my soft top and hoping someone can help. The glass window has separated from the canvas top. The top is in excellent condition. Can a new glass window kit be sewed into the top or, do I need a new top with window? Thanks to all who answer.
Amazon has many different clamps designed to press the glass to the glue while it sets. I've used them on 3 different cars. Check the reviews for those with the softest suction cups. Otherwise, you must soak the suction cups in hot water, or smearing olive oil on the glass to make them stick. Note: Use a "glass adhesive". 3MMarine Adhesive Sealant 5200 works well but is very runny and tough to clean off after. It is designed to cure in damp locations, or even under water. Silicone is useless and yellows. See:
I replaced my top. The back window comes pressed onto plastic material. It gets stapled to to the rear cross bow of the top frame. The top itself gets stapled to the same bow and sits over the window. The top doesn’t get glued to the window assembly. Your issue right now is just cosmetic. With the top partially open I would try adding some material where I highlighted in yellow. Try to pad the back bow, it might correct the wrinkles, Good luck!


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