2005 parts for sale

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I have one that I’d part with. I had it made by a local car upholstery shop. I found the authentic outer fabric that exactly matches the black convertible top. It is made by The SUNBRELLA Co from Florida.

When snapped into place on its perfectly spaced matching snaps, it lays flatter than the 2003-2005 T-Bird boot but it is soft like the ‘03-‘05 boot. The long back side tucks neatly into the space intended

By contrast, the 2002 boot is stiff and hard-to-stow. Two BIG-hearted T-Bird owners had lent to me their 2002 boots. I tried to model my custom boot after the ‘03-‘05 Ford accessory boot.

Last year, I went to great lengths to have this boot constructed at great expen$e by a skilled craftsmen who speaks little English. If interested, I can send defining pictures.

Upon seeing my pictures, think about it and place a bawdy, bonanza-busting boot bid!

pictures of boot if still available and pricing.
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