2005 front pillar torx screws

Dec 28, 2021
Thunderbird Year
First time posting and first time owner of a 2005 Thunderbird. The question I have are the torx screws that go through the windshield pillars replaceable I have one on the passenger side that is stripped.
They are held in place with a circlip which you pry off. Remove the good one and check fit it in the bad side to assure those female threads are good and run smooth. Take the good bolt to Fastenal or whoever and match it. If the threads in the top were buggered, buy a tap too. Clean up the threads and make sure your old and new bolts fit and run smooth. Put the good side bolt/circlip back in place. You will not be able to use a circlip on the repaired side unless you take it to a machine shop and have them cut the groove to match the good side. If you go this way, have a couple made so you have spares for you and your friends.