2005 beep or chirp when locking/unlocking

Ron W.

Marilyn's Daddy
I have noticed there is no horn or chirp sounding off when I lock or unlock my doors with the remote
just the quiet sound of the locks themselves. Its this normal for my year and if so
how do I change it?
why would you want to make noise when you lock your car?
The guy next door, when he remote locks his car every night, Beep, Beep, beep,---- Beep. what an *******.

I remember when I was looking to buy a new Chrysler and when you remote lock it, it beeps. I asked the salesman if that could be turned off, he said NO. I said a will not buy the car.

I love my Cadillac, no need to take the FOB out of my pocket, when I walk away it locks, and when I come back to get it automatically unlocks, no pushing any silly remote buttons.
Might you remember the name and cost? thanks
Ron, I didn't install the security system it was on the car when I got it for my wife. This system is a pain to deal with. Every once in a while the system seems to lock up so when you open the door and try to start the car? Nothing happens until you cycle the open and close buttons! I've told my wife I'm about ready to remove this from the ignition system!