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2004 Differential Ring & pinion / Where to find ?

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by Taurus, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. My 2004, 60.000 miles, makes this middle pitch whine when accelerating between ~ 35-50mph.
    Goes away when letting off the gas.

    Info in this and other forums mostly suggest the differential ring & pinion are worn and causing the whine.
    When searching the part no XW4Z-4209-A it is discontinued, as expected.

    Are there any aftermarket ring & pinion kits available ? (I have really tried searching...).

    Or, would a differential from a 2004 Lincoln LS fit my bird?
    A seller on Ebay states it does not fit.
    Wonder if that is right...

    // Stefan
  2. My 2005 with 48,000 miles has the same whine. I had my differential oil changed and the mechanic said if you don’t mind the noise there is no problem driving it. He said it would be very difficult to find parts as well. I know this doesn’t help you but at least you know someone else has the same problem.
  3. I had a similar whine on my 2004 and it turned out to be bad wheel bearings. I had them replaced and everything quieted down.
  4. Was your car only making the whining noise between 35-50 mph? That is when mine makes the noise.

  5. Thanks for the info.
    I dont mind the whine as long as it is ok to continue driving.
    I hope my shop will come to the same conclusion as your mechanic.
    // Stefan
  6. Yes, only then.
    I found that likely it is related to the differential.
    ... or a belt roller with a bad bearing that cause the whine.
    ... or low fluid in the transmission.
  7. Thanks,
    I will have the shop look at the wheel bearings.
  8. Hello
  9. Hello
    If you find you need one I have a very good used one low mileage. Taken from a wrecked 04 garage kept car.
  10. Dan, thanks for your note.
    The bird is in the shop now and I´m waiting for the verdict.
    I´ll let you know if I need your part.
    // Stefan
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  11. It will be interesting to know what the problem is. Please let us know as well as the repair cost if you don’t mind. Thanks!
  12. My shops head mechanic is not a specialist in Ford but he has experience from, so to say, different differentials.
    He recognized the whine as one of the bearings connected to the differential.
    He meant that as long as the whine don´t get louder or change character it is ok to drive for now.
    But eventually it has to be taken care of.

    He also mentioned that many GM and other makes of US cars and trucks has similar whine from when they are new. And that whine just keep on with everything else working fine.

    Well, I hope for the coming summer with no more whine than is now.
    If something change I´ll post.

    // Stefan

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