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2004 Crossbar torque specs?

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by JRMedved, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. All -

    I scoured the OEM Workshop Manual for my 2004 Thunderbird but I cannot locate the torque specs for the underbody rear crossbar X-support mounted under the floor. (#7)

    Can anyone verify that the attaching bolt torque specs are for this support? We are conducting spruce-up and maintenance on the PCR and we want to check that the structural supports are properly torqued to prevent body flex, etc. It was my understanding that the crossbars (front and rear) should be checked for proper torque annually.

    I was able to find the torque specs for the engine crossbar in Section 502, but cannot locate the rear/floor crossbar torque specs.
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  2. Bubblehog

    Bubblehog Well-Known Member Gold Donor

    You should include the year of your T- Bird in the thread title so we know what generation we’re looking at. I’ll check my 2005 manual and CD in the next few days (can’t do it immediately due to travel)
  3. The torque spec you are looking for is 46 lb-ft.
    This from my 05 Ford shop manual page 502-00-3.
    The engine cross member is the same, 46 lb-ft.
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  4. biddle

    biddle Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Please include the model number of your car in the TITLE/SUBJECT on future posts. If you notice when you posted, it actually tells you to post a meaningful title and the car model year. This helps users when they see a summary of posts during the weekly posts update as well as Google SEO.

    I edited the title for you. Thanks, enjoy the forum.

  5. Yes, BluByeU has it right. I checked the 2004 workshop manual and on 502-00-3 it lists 46 lb-ft as the spec.
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