2004 Convertible soft top holding water

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Mar 23, 2022
Thunderbird Year
I have an 04 that I bought early this spring. I immediately removed the hard top. I tested that convertible top for proper function, then put it down and installed the Tonneau cover. It has remained down all summer and has been an absolute joy to drive. With cold weather rapidly approaching, I put the top up and immediately gave it a bath. Now I'm curious where the water goes that runs off of the top at the back. It looks like water could be trapped back there somewhere, but I find no leaks so far. Any idea where the shed water goes?? Appreciate any help offered. Thanks,.... Tom
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D1A942B5-268E-412E-98E5-77617317CC76.jpegthere is a trough around the inside of the back window. You can access it by unsnapping the fabric rear shelf liner. You can see the black plastic screws in the photo that the shelf is attached to. It will pull off by hand. Anyway there are plastic drain holes inside each fender well that can be accessed by removing the fabric shelf. Mine were clogged and water was pooling under my passenger seat. I just cleaned them and the problem was solved
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Thanks AJW. That is exactly the information that I was looking for. I could see that these holes could easily clog and cause rain, or even water from washing the car could wind up inside of the car. I will definitely inspect that area occasionally....Tom
You’re welcome! I also cleaned out the front drains under the front window pillars.
Ill see if I can find the ones under the window pillars as well. Appreciate the heads up.......Tom
On the passenger side I remember removing plastic covers, removing and replacing the cabin filter. I taped a small hose onto vacuum, like pex hose, and cleaned mostly leaves.I also had to remove something on the drivers side for that access.
It was all worth it to have dry carpets.
I will check out those drains. This will be our daily driver for our winder in Okeechobee FL. We leave our home in KY after Thanksgiving and head south. We do have a carport in FL but our T Bird will see it's fair share of rain during our 3 month, down there and I want it rain tight with just the convertible top up.
Thanks Jose. That makes it easy. Now I know exactly where to look, and what it looks like ..Tom