2003 Tbirds

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I ordered a blue/blue with black accent pkg. from my dealer on 12/15/01 at msrp. I received confirmation the date of order was 1/7/02. I have two questions:
1) Can anyone tell me when I may expect delivery of my vehicle.

2) Can anyone tell me when production will begin for the 2003's.


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Production of the '03s will start in late August or early September.

Do you know your position in your dealers allocation (# of #)? Not ordering until that late more than likely means you will receive a pretty high vin so expect delivery to be in July/August time frame.
No I don't know # of #. How do I find that out? I know that my dealer has already received a red/red black accent, white/white black accent, blue/blue black accent and I was told they had a yellow/? coming in.

Ask your salesperson, they should be able to find out for you. VINs are not assigned until just before production, knowing your position will help us estimate a timeframe. Sounds like they are going to recieve about 7 or 8 total based on having recieved three already with another coming soon.


My sales manager left me a message today regarding # of #.The dealership has been allocated one T-bird per month, so 12. He said that I'm no 2, which is confusing since I know they have already received at least 6 cars. I can only guess, since I didn't speak to him, that I'm # 2 in the customer orders. He also said that No. 1 was expected to be delivered in April and No. 2 (which is me) should be delivered in May, June at the lastest.

You're right, that is confusing. Well his estimate is better than mine, hope he is correct and not me.

Let me know when they give you your vin.
I ordered a red/red from a small dealer. got #6 of 5 for 2002, so that means I'm #1 of ? for 2003. Anybody have any guesses about how long I have to hold my breath?


I was at Wixom last week and I asked about 2003 change over. The answer was "Sept or Oct, I think". There are some 2002's available. If you search this site you will get some leads.

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