2003 T-Bird modifications

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On our 3/21/02 Wixom tour, we were pleased to whitness a few 2003 T-Birds being produced that day. Dave Davis, our tour guide, pointed these cars out but did not discuss the modifications. I did notice one change on two, Robin Egg Blue, Birds. The last seven digits on the vin of these cars were 1000002 & 3. The 2003 Birds will now have about a 1 1/2" wide chrome trim piece on the rear deck where the soft top enters the body. Since I don't have my Bird yet, it's only an educated guess, but I believe this trim will also protect the paint when the hard top is installed. I asked one person on the assemby line, what changes were needed to install this strip? He said only two holes had to be drilled for this strip to be installed. If that is the case, any 2002 Bird could be retrofitted with this much needed improvement. I anticipate a lot of orders for this part when it becomes available, mine or one.

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They are probably proto/pre-production units that will stay with engineering.

Regading that chrome strip, I wonder if Ford would be nice enough to admit the 02 version was a mistake and send us all a recall notice for a retrofit.

Yes, I know, but its nice to dream about these things once in a while.
I thought that I read somewhere else on this forum that new '03's would start production on August 15th. Anyone from the Wixom plant care to share the "summer vacation" date with us.


Production for 03 IS scheduled for 08/15/02.

Production for the 02 Model run will finish by end of July

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Ford's 3/22/2002 Dealer News Bulletin DNB0212 continues to show the following changeover dates: 2002 Final Orders Due 6/7/2002; 2002 Build Out 9/13/2002; 2003 Job 1 9/16/2002.
thanks for the update....I guess if rumors are true on the Coral...I am looking at Jan '03 before a build date is happening for me...two years waiting....it better be worth it!!!

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